Our group combines data from multiple platforms (models, aircraft, satellites, lab and field measurements) to better understand the influence of humans on atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and climate from urban to regional to global scales.

Recent news and highlights from our group:

Image of rocket launch
The Conversation and The Guardian articles on the atmospheric impact of a nascent space tourism industry
Image of prevalent sources of VOCs
Press release of our recent paper on monitoring large air pollution changes in cities in India and the UK
Image of prevalent sources of VOCs
Our paper on NO2 in the global upper troposphere from TROPOMI published in AMT
Picture of Research Fellow Jamie Kelly
Jamie Kelly joins the group to work on PM2.5 sources in the UK cities
Premature mortality in Europe due to fossil fuel air pollution
Our paper on substantial global mortality from fossil fuel air pollution published in Environ. Res.
Picture of Newton International Fellow Kavitha Mottungan
Kavitha Mottungan, Newton International Fellow, joins the group to work on air quality in India
COVID-19 lockdown and air quality paper
Our paper on factors leading to improved air quality in the UK lockdown published in ERL
AGU 2020 presentations mozaic
Our work showcased at the virtual AGU Fall Meeting (Dec 2020)
Picture of research fellow Robert Ryan
Rob Ryan joins the group to determine the impact of rocket emissions on atmospheric composition
Group meeting on Zoom
Our virtual group meeting via Zoom and across 9 time zones
Karn Vohra presents at EGU 2020
Karn Vohra presents his research at the Virtual EGU Zoom session (May 2020)
Charcoal industry air pollution paper published
Our paper on the impact of the charcoal industry in Africa on air quality and climate published in ES&T
Picture of postdoc Alok Pandey
Alok Pandey joins the group to start postdoctoral research on ammonia emissions in the UK
Karn Vohra's paper submitted to ACPD
Our paper on trends in city-wide air quality in UK and India submitted in ACP
Air Quality grant awarded to study PM2.5 in Leicester
Eloise awarded funding to determine local and distant PM2.5 sources in Leicester
Nana Wei presents at 3-minute PhD competition
Nana presents at the Institute of Physics 3-Minute Wonder competition in Leicester
ERC Starting Grant awarded to Eloise Marais
Eloise awarded an ERC Starting Grant to better understand reactive nitrogen in the upper troposphere
Nana Wei joins the group to pursue a PhD
Nana Wei joins the group to start a PhD on nitrogen in the upper troposphere
Future fossil fuels in Africa and health paper published
Our paper on the impact of future fossil fuel on air quality published in ES&T