Evaluation of the UK National Atmospheric Emission Inventory with Earth Observations

Collaboration with University of Leicester, the UK National Centre for Earth Observations (NCEO), and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to determine whether satellite observations of atmospheric composition can be used to improve the UK National Anthropogenic Emission Inventory (NAEI).


Comparison of satellite (CrIS) and GEOS-Chem ammonia (NH3) over Europe in June-August 2016

People: Eloise Marais

Funding: DEFRA tender

External Collaborators: Savio Moniz and Mohamed Ghalaieny at DEFRA, Richard Siddans and Brian Kerridge at RAL, Richard Pope and Martyn Chipperfield at University of Leeds

Tools: GEOS-Chem, CrIS, IASI, UK national monitoring network