Presentations by the group at public engagement events in the UK and abroad.


Smoke Gets in Your Skies, presented by Eloise Marais, Pint of Science, Manhattan34, Leicester, UK, 22 May. [PDF]

Satellites up above monitor the air down here!, presented by Karn Vohra, Birmingham 3MT Thesis, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, 15 May. People's Choice Award. [Link to video]

Monitoring Air Pollution from the Ground up, presented by Karn Vohra, BEAR Conference 2019, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, 12 April. [PDF]

Monitoring Air Pollution in Birmingham using Satellite Observations, presented by Karn Vohra, U3A Science Talk, Birmingham, UK, 7 February. invited [PDF]


Mission to Planet Earth, presented by Eloise Marais, Pint of Science, The Jekyll & Hyde, Birmingham, UK, 16 May. [PDF]