Media Coverage

Media coverage of published research and expert commentary on current affairs related to air quality, health, and emerging pollutants.

The environmental impact of a nascent space tourism industry:

Channel 4 News, SpaceX launch makes history as four amateur astronauts orbit Earth.
CNBC, How Blue Origin, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic space race could impact the atmosphere.
The Guardian, Billionaire space cowboys could become heroes by focusing on the climate crisis.
Smart Prosperity: The Podcast, What does a new space age mean for the environment?. [Interview at 10 min 09 sec]
The Conversation, Space tourism: rockets emit 100 times more CO2 per passenger than flights – imagine a whole industry.
Mashable, Space tourism sounds fun. But it could be terrible for the planet.
The Guardian, How the billionaire space race could be one giant leap for pollution
US National Public Radio, Branson, Bezos, And The Billionaires: The Future Of Space Tourism [Interview at 36 min 40 sec]
CTV News, Space travel is open for business, but what about the environmental impact?
Canada Local Radio, Space tourism: rockets emit 100 times more CO₂ per passenger than flights – imagine a whole industry
Radio Canada, Space tourism and pollution [French]

Evolving air pollution in cities:

Phys.Org, Hidden air pollutants on the rise in cities in India and the UK: study.
CNBC, India, Levels of air pollutants on rise in Indian cities: study
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Fossil fuels and global health:

The Guardian, 'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds
The Times, Pollution from fossil fuels twice as deadly as thought, scientists warn
Reuters, Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five premature deaths globally: study
Forbes, Fossil fuel pollution caused nearly 1-in-5 global deaths in 2018 groundbreaking study suggests
New Scientist, Deaths from fossil fuel air pollution are double what we thought
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Future adoption of fossil fuels in Africa:

The Guardian, Pollutionwatch: Africa increases its reliance on fossil fuels
Harvard Press Release picked up by Science Daily, Homeland Security News Wire, Environmental News Network.
Quartz Africa, A fossil fuel-powered future for Africa will come at a drastic human cost
World Economic Forum, Why banning fossil fuels in Africa could slow the transition to renewables
Additional media coverage summarized by Altmetrics