GEOS-Chem High-Resolution PM2.5 and Ozone over Africa

GEOS-Chem PM2.5 in 2012 with (left) and without (centre) dust and sea salt, and the increase due to future fossil fuels (right)

Data Description:
GEOS-Chem PM2.5 and ozone surface concentrations obtained using 2012 emissions and using a scenario of future (2030) emissions due to fossil fuel use in the electricity generation and transport sectors. The model is simulatted at the native resolution of the NASA GEOS-5 meteorology over Africa (0.5° x 0.667°; latitude x longitude). Both the 2012 and 2030 simulations use 2012 meteorology.

Data Access:
Download links below are for compressed and zipped files of GEOS-Chem annual mean surface gridded concentrations of PM2.5 and ozone in 2012 and 2030:
pm25 (compressed file size: 89 MB)
ozone (compressed file size: 91 MB)

Please contact Eloise Marais for queries or additional information.

E. A. Marais, R. F. Silvern, A. Vodonos, E. Dupin, A. S. Bockarie, L. J. Mickley, J. Schwartz, Air quality and health impact of future fossil fuel use for electricity generation and transport in Africa, Environ. Sci Technol., doi:10.1021/acs.est.9b04958, 2019. [PDF].