Datasets generated from research in our group and stored on the UCL Data Repository. Links to the publicly available data and the relevant peer-reviewed publication are below. For queries about the data, please contact Eloise Marais.

Rocket atmospheric impact - Emissions Inventory and Results. R. Ryan et al. (2022). doi:10.5522/04/17032349. [Data]. [Paper ESSOAr prereview link]

GEOS-Chem model output and local and national monitoring network measurements used to assess the efficacy of autumn-winter emission controls on air quality in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. G. Lu et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/16763692. [Data]. [Publication]

Satellite-derived estimates of ammonia emissions in the UK. E. A. Marais et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14566635. [Data]. [Publication]

Global premature mortality due to exposure to air pollution from fossil fuel combustion. K. Vohra et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14595714. [Data]. [Publication]

Cloud-sliced nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the global upper troposphere derived from TROPOMI. E. A. Marais et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14586558. [Data]. [Publication]

Inventory of pollutant emissions from the charcoal industry in Africa for 2014 and 2030. A. S. Bockarie et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14595315. [Data]. [Publication]

Surface concentrations of PM2.5 in Africa in 2012 and 2030. E. A. Marais et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14595729. [Data]. [Publication]

The DICE-Africa inventory of pollutant emissions from diffuse and inefficient anthropogenic combustion sources in Africa. E. A. Marais and C. Wiedinmyer. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14595723. [Data]. [Publication]

Satellite-derived isoprene emissions in Africa from OMI and GEOS-Chem. E. A. Marais et al. (2021). doi:10.5522/04/14595735. [Data]. [Publication]